Answered By: Paul Landers
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2015     Views: 287

A TTUHSC @ El Paso VPN connection is not required to access TTUHSC @ El Paso library resources. In fact, in some specific cases an active TTUHSC @ El Paso VPN can prevent access to library resources. For the best experience, do not activate your TTUHSC @ El Paso VPN when using the TTUHSC @ El Paso library web site or resources.

Technical Details - the purpose of a VPN is to grant off-campus access to resources that exist on the TTUHSC @ El Paso network, such as a TTUHSC @ El Paso file share in the TTUHSC @ El Paso data center, or a TTUHSC-owned desktop computer in a TTUHSC @ El Paso faculty office.

Subscription library resources are the opposite of this.  Library resources exist on the internet, but require that you be physically on a TTUHSC @ El Paso campus to prove your affiliation with TTUHSC and use the resource. The links on the library web pages and within GoldRush have been specially-crafted to grant off-campus access via eRaider without the need for a VPN.

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